TechKnow Quiz

The NLIU Cell for Law and Technology organises the NLIU-CLT TechKnow Quiz, each year as part of its Technology and Law Fair: Techtonic. This year, the Cell is thrilled to host the second edition of this quiz competition, in which students from across the country and abroad shall participate. The quiz contest will be conducted online and the subject matter shall be “Technology Law.”

The TechKnow Quiz shall be conducted in two rounds, with the first round serving as the elimination round and the second round serving as the final round. The Final Round shall be an oral round, while the Elimination Round will be a written round conducted online. Only the top eight competitors from the Elimination Round shall advance to the Final Round. Three phases make up the Final Round, and the contestants will be ranked according to their overall scores over all three phases.

Structure of Quiz

Elimination Round:

The elimination rounds will be conducted on an online platform. A few days prior to the competition, information about the online platform where the elimination rounds will take place will be made available. The round will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 possible answers. Based on how well each participant does on these 20 questions, they will be ranked. The top eight candidates will advance to the final rounds. In the event of a tie between two contestants, a tie-breaking round of five multiple-choice questions will be conducted on the same platform.

Final Round:

The Final Rounds will be oral rounds, which will be conducted on an online platform. The competitors will be given information about this platform and the meeting link prior to the competition. Three phases will make up the final round: a multiple choice question phase, a question phase with no options, and a true/false question phase. There will be 2 questions each for all the finalists 16 in the multiple choice round. There will be one question each for all the eight participants in the second phase, the no option round. The option to skip the question in this round will be available. Rapid fire round will be used in the third phase, i.e. the True and False round. Each participant shall have 40 seconds to respond to a total of 4 questions. The participants will be rated according to their overall score across all three rounds.In case of a tie, tie breaker round shall be conducted.

Eligibility and Team Composition

Students may participate either individually or in teams consisting two (2) members. Participants may form inter-institutional teams for the competition. Participation is open to all under-graduate and masters students studying law and related subjects only. There is no cap on the number of teams registering from a college / University.

Important Dates

  • Registration Opens: 1 January 2023
  • Registration Closes: 27 January 2023
  • Elimination Rounds: 28 January 2023
  • Final Rounds: 29 January 2023
  • Declaration of Result: 26 February 2023

Registration Process

1. All interested students shall be required to register for the event in order to be eligible for participating in the Competition.

2. The registration fee is INR 200 for Indian teams (teams representing universities located in India) and USD 3 for foreign teams (teams representing colleges and universities located outside India. Teams representing branches of Indian universities located outside of India will also come under this category).

3. Each team may be provided a team code that they shall use as a reference point throughout the competition.

No refund of the registration fee shall be permitted.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to add, amend or remove any rules regarding the Competition and the decision of the Organising Committee shall be final and binding on all matters.

1st NLIU-CLT Technology and Law Fair: ‘Techtonic’ 2021 – Quiz (Final Round)